Smoked meats make a darn good salad. This little taco shack, probably a drive-thru daiquiri hut in a past life, has been reincarnated on a little stretch of Johnston Street near downtown Lafayette. The salads are a great option for those of us who can’t eat tacos everyday, and when combined with a slice of avocado, the pulled smoked chicken is out of this world!

Colleen R

Was looking to have something that wasn’t fried or covered in gravy, so checked this place out. This place gives Mexican food a fruity, smoky, fresh and local twist. I have never had food like it and am sad it is so far away. Had the chicken tacos which were marinated in a jalapeño and line sauce, and served with mixed salad greens, ape plea, and pico de gallo. My friend ordered the smoked fish burrito, which was out of this world. They also have good brands for chips and drinks. Only complaint is that they don’t have any agua fresca or horchata.

Jennifer L

While driving from Houston to New Orleans, I found this taco stand on Yelp with amazing reviews that was not too far off the beaten path. And…I am so glad that I did!!! The brisket burrito was incredible…hands down the most amazing burrito that has ever entered my mouth. Amazing!


I had the veggie burrito, which, in the wrong restaurant’s hands, can be pretty bland. But, here, it was so flavorful! I was almost tempted to order seconds. Fast, fresh, good sized portions, and decent prices. I have nothing but good things to say about this place!

Samantha D

Had work today in Scott,La. Went by at noon and got the Briscuit burrito and let me tell you it was great. Went thru the drive thru and it moved smoothly. Place was nice and easy to find. Price was very reasonable for the sizes. Had a shrimp taco also and it was seasoned spot on. Burrito or taco and you’ll be set.

Larry S

Smoked duck burrito was out of this world. Chicken chili was spicy and warm, perfect for a rainy day. Service was friendly and helpful. Only downside was that we had to eat in our car….no indoor seating and too wet to sit outside.

Andrea B